Group Conversations

Having a voice in public can be daunting for some. When discussing the undoing of racism, for some, privacy serves as the best setting. Speaking about race with familiar faces, in contrast to strangers, is an alternative for individuals that may feel more comfortable having ‘The Conversation' in a more small and intimate setting.

The venue for the event is chosen by Allie. Conversations are not held in homes of the host but in their community. This service is only provided in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area.

*Out of state conversations take place but only under Allie's guidelines.

"Tele-Conversations" this online, face-time service is intended for:

  • Individuals who want to work on their developmental growth in understanding racism.

  • Individuals who have no one to talk with about racism.

  • Individuals who want to become educated on racism.

  • Individuals who have questions about issues regarding race.

Because this service requires both parties investing in their time on a consistent basis, this service has limited spaces available.

                                                                  You have questions. I have answers.

Contact Allie for details and pricing. Pricing can be found on Facebook:

"Office" Conversations

The key component to developing and cultivating a mutual respect and understanding in the workplace starts with cultural competency. Cultural Competence is a Risk Mitigation must, within businesses; by assisting or providing the information hereby needed to educate for the sake of engaging staff and/or leadership in sensitive discussions around racial, ethnic, and socio-economics affecting our society today.  These are today’s emerging issues.

Culturally Competent topics will be addressed in the curriculum to help participants get acclimated into understanding the diverse atmosphere in which their “work world” is a part of. These conversations will help them engage in historically sensitive discussions as they transition into an evolving inclusive business atmosphere. 

Contact Allie for details and pricing.


 Conversational Workshops





Conversational Lectures

One of the most overlooked places and how it is affected by racism is the classroom. Conversations about the implications of this social construct on children is barely acknowledged. Being an educator, Allie has developed workshops focused on academic racism and its impact on students. They are held throughout the year because Allie realizes that when it comes to undoing racism the conversation on race must be addressed on a parental and community grassroots level. This workshops focus is towards teachers, parents, and students with open doors to the community. Be prepared to have a continuous dialogue! This is not your typical workshop with folders full of paper. 


Self-empowerment and development lectures focused on the culture and identity of indigenous peoples displaced from Africa in the Americas and of those displaced in the Americas are held by Allie.  Target audience: women; yet, men are more than welcomed!

*Pricing for teen-age girl groups differ from the set price.

Contact Allie for details and pricing.