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"Alice has the ability to put you at ease, while discussing a topic that may be controversial. Her dedication to people of color is profound and deeply felt during every discussion topic she elaborates on; whether the topic is economics, classroom racism or common values! She is outstanding in her knowledge of cultural research and being in touch with past and present statistical data."

Rubi Bowles, Educator, Race and Culture in the Classroom Workshop Attendee

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“I have attended three Having the Conversation discussions facilitated by Allie Moore and The Conversation Starters. The titles were: 1). The Legacy of Colonialism and Slavery; 2). History 102: What School Did Not Teach Me and What My Mother Told Me Not to Talk About; and 3). Environmental Racism and Injustice. I have attended one workshop led by Allie Moore entitled Candid Conversation: Race & Culture in the Classroom.  The discussions and workshop helped me get comfortable with being uncomfortable; provided me with a more honest, truthful, and accurate accounting of history; and compelled me to take actions that will dismantle individual and structural racism. After attending this workshop and these conversations, I felt better educated, personally transformed, and empowered to take action and to continue these necessary conversations.”

Lynda Davis, A member of Coming to the Table and the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice

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“I had the opportunity and pleasure to attend Allie’s conversation starter on racism in our education system. By combining her passion for justice with her knowledge as a public school educator, Allie provided us with statistically backed research and a safe space for honest discussion about the realities of racism in our schools. Her work is invaluable and her spirit is infectious. I look forward to joining Allie in many more conversation starters.” 

Lori Stokes, Workshop Attendee

 "Not knowing what to expect yet being a believer in Orioles Earl Weaver's words -- It's what you learn after you know it all that counts ... Allie Moore's Conference on Racism WOKE me up!  Surprisingly, since I'm in action on many fronts, I've been cued by this Conference, energized, and am now in much greater action on the racial front! (WOW; It's only been 3 days since the Conference.)" 

Dick Lahn, Shifting the Paradigm attendee 2018


"In attending the conference Shifting the Paradigm Back to Humanity, I felt moved by the openness of discussion and calls to action. This conference was unlike any other conference I've ever attended. The open dialogue by a diverse group of people was captivating. The way each speaker presented their topic (all in different ways), was intriguing. I never once got bored of presentation or topic. I know the conference had done what it was meant to do, because it created thought provoking dialogue between attendees and panel members. The conference was planned well and very well put together. I also thoroughly enjoyed the food :) 

   Allie not only coordinated this conference, but also spoke with such passion and conviction. It was so helpful to have my dynamic represented across the board. Seeing a mirror image of myself showed me what I can do to further push my community. I look forward to working with Allie in the near future. She echoes what a lot feel, it is time for action."

Rasheeda Abdul-Ghaffar, Shifting the Paradigm attendee 2018


“Allie offers a unique opportunity to build cultural competency skills. It was so cool to participate with others practicing engaged listening and speaking. I’m excited to bring Aillie’s (and other’s!) ideas into our classroom Social Studies block. Our class is going to learn stories of ourselves and our global neighborhood! " 

Lucille Morehouse, Elementary School Teacher, Seattle Washington. Event: Conversation: Educational Racism and Our Children