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Conversation: Educational Racism and Our Children
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Conversation: Educational Racism and Our Children

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This 2 hour conversational workshop will focus and address racism experienced by children as students in an academic setting as well as communal one. The conversation will touch upon race, racism, student actions and behaviors, and cultural competency. The role that racism has in the academic setting and school culture will be discussed also. This will be an atmosphere of informational exchanges of ideologies and practices. The conversation will allow participants to explore cultural awareness, implicit bias, fair treatment in the school setting , along with peer to peer and student to teacher relationships. Participants will be in a space where Overt racism to covert racism can be explored.

If you are expecting a formal and structured training workshop with handouts, powerpoint slides (exceeding 10 slides) with lecturing - this is not that type of workshop! This is a workshop that uses the unconventional 21st century tool of "Conversation." Through conversation, guided by Allie, a Social Change Entrepreneur, and known as "Allie the Conversation Starter," participants will be challenged to be honestly raw on classroom expectations, controversial issues and certain racial issues that either they encountered (or have faced) in the classroom, as well as out of it - as teachers, parents and/or as students. 

This event, which is a part of the conversation of undoing racism, will appeal to teachers, parents, community leaders, youth leaders, teens and organizations; yet, this discussion is for anyone interested. Limited Seating. We all are effected by what occurs in and out of the school system.

*Youth - free admittance for children 17 and under. Youth attendance is encouraged. It will provide the ability for all present to engage with them in conversation about race and racism. Their presence will also allow us all to see and hear what they experience or have witnessed! Their participating voices will begin a new dialogue in this nation; one that is well over due! Instead of “race talk,” a conversation will take place.

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